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With bumppr everything can be customized. Its a beautifully designed Link In Bio that is incredibly powerful. There are 4 kinds of links on the platform that you can link to anything. Socials, links, link tiles and mega tiles help organize and point customers to various links

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Sticky feature dock to focus attention on your most relevant


Link content in the feature dock to anything. Spotify, youtube, LTK etc. There are no fees for paywalled content and photo forward links help to bring attention to the products or services you8 want to sell the most.

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Collapsible content

App Me Prompt

Encourages your customers to add your bumppr profile to their homescreen

Paywall Content

No fees for paywalled content. Connect to any product or shoppable link with zero pass through fees

Unlimited Content Stream

4 types of links and each has no limit in the number of links.

5000+ Apps

Collect data and through Zapier connect to over 5000 Apps.

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