Custom Metal Card & Custom Designed Profile

This is the last business card you will ever need. bumppr Pro gives you a Custom Metal NFC enabled business card and a custom bumppr profile. We do all the work for you

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  • Brand

    We take your assets and create a completely on brand experience for you. your bumppr profile will look and feel like a natural extension of your brand with bumppr doing all the image cropping, linking, image creation for you

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  • Proposition

    With bumppr Pro we take a scientific approach to building out your profile. It is not just a phone number, it is a micro sales page that needs to help convert contacts to customers. We take a look at your Value, differentiators, and highlight your value proposition in a structured way.

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  • Trust

    We ensure that the net effect of your bumppr profile is Trust. We take a look at all relevant online links you may have and social proofing assets to generate a profile that encourages trust and connection

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Custom Metal Card

Custom designed Metal NFC enabled card. Heat resistant and water proof. Made from premium metal, our custom engraved business cards radiate prestige and sophistication. Their sleek, minimalist design perfectly highlights your brand, while the sturdy metal construction guarantees durability against daily wear and tear. Invest in a professional image that lasts with these enduring business cards.

Custom Designed bumppr Profile

Our expert team creates a personalized profile that not only showcases your brand's unique identity but also highlights your professional strengths. With seamless integration of custom backgrounds, interactive tiles, and direct links, your digital business card becomes a powerful tool for making lasting connections. Experience the convenience of instant updates, easy sharing, and enhanced networking capabilities. Stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression with a digital business card profile designed just for you

All Designed to sell YOU

With bumppr Pro you have a hands off white glove service that `builds your digital and physical business profile in the most unique and professional way. We do everything we can using proven methods to build trust, promote your brand and highlight your unique value proposition.